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Practical Test

OK, so you've had all your driving lessons and you're ready to go - what next?
You need to apply to take your test with your local test centre.

You can do this online from the DVA website , but we strongly recommend you don't apply for your test until your Instructor thinks you're ready.

Your Driving Instructor can also arrange your test date for you, if you want them to.

The Practical Test

Before you do any driving you'll be asked to perform an eyesight check and then be asked some vehicle safety questions. You'll then be tested on your general driving ability, including two reversing exercises.

The 'Driving' part of your test will last about 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for evidence you've reached an overall safe standard of driving, as you carry out both general and specific manoeuvres.

You can make up to 15 minor driving faults and still pass the test, but 16 or more minor faults results in a fail. However, if you commit just one serious or dangerous fault, you'll fail the test automatically.

You must bring the following items with you to the test. If you don't, the Driving Vehicle Agency (DVA) may refuse to carry out the test and you may lose your fee
An appropriately insured and licensed vehicle, displaying L- Plates, that's suitable for the test - don't worry our Driving School car is perfect for the job and readily available!

  • The appropriate theory test pass certificate.
  • Your appointment letter confirming your test time and date.
  • Both parts of your photo card licence. If you don't take both parts of your licence, your test will not take place and you'll lose your fee.
  • If you have an old-style paper licence, you must take your signed driving licence and separate approved photo identification with you.

Applying For A Full License

Congratulations you passed! You can now get out on the road. Don't forget that you now need to notify the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) and exchange your test pass certificate and provisional driving licence for a new 'Full' driving licence as soon as possible.





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